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Kristina Tyler, PhD, QME - Clinical and Forensic Psychology

CA #21771   TX #38684                

Additional Services


Are you thinking of moving into a new area of practice? Struggling with a difficult client? Concerned about an ethical or standard of practice issue? I provide consultation services in my areas of expertise at a low cost for mental health professionals. In-person, phone, and video conference consultation is available. Consultation is billed in 15-minute intervals to make it more affordable. Areas of consultation include:

* Forensic consultation (please call for specific forensic areas of expertise)

* Ethics questions

* Court testimony including managing anxiety and assisting with personal preparation/organization so that you can give your best testimony. When requested, I can attend court as support and for post-testimony feedback.

* Professional issues such as burn-out, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue

* Suicidiality and patient safety concerns

* Managing high-conflict or divorcing parents/individuals

* "Getting started" coaching: private practice start-up, tele-psychology, insurance credentialing, marketing, and getting started in some specialty areas

* Consultation groups (please call for days/topics)

Supervision/Monitoring (as a licensing board requirement)

I have experience providing monitoring services for individuals who, through disciplinary action, are required by their licensing board to have a practice monitor. 

Supervision - new area of practice

Some new areas of practice require more than consultation to gain competence ethically. These include specific types of forensic work, for example. For more specialized areas of practice, supervision, rather than consultation, will protect a licensee while gaining experience. For areas within my expertise, I provide supervision to licensed individuals for the purpose of gaining experience and competence to ethically work in these specialized areas.*

Supervision - Pre-licensed*

I provide contract supervision for schools and agencies, including group and individual supervision. I maintain the required number of training hours to supervise for both the Board of Psychology and the Board of Behavioral Sciences. 

I can also provide distance supervision** for rural areas via secure video conferencing.

Please contact me for specific areas of expertise, pricing, and specifics.

*Supervision always complies with applicable laws and licensing board requirements, and may vary by licensing board and license.

**Supervision via video conference is not available for California Board of Psychology SPE hours

Professional consultation assists with ethics and standard of practice issues and is not intended to provide legal advice. Consultation services allow a professional to gain the opinion of another, experienced professional to consider as part of a decision-making process. The professional is not bound by the recommendation or comments of the consultant and maintains responsibility for decisions made.

Supervision implies a supervisory relationship. Supervisors assume some responsibility and liability for the actions of their supervisee, thus the supervisee is expected to comply with recommendations and suggestions.