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Kristina Tyler, PhD, QME - Clinical and Forensic Psychology

CA #21771   TX #38684                

Forensic Services

My expert services include the following:

  • Expert Witness Testimony:
  • Abuse/Violence: domestic violence, child abuse, age-appropriate parenting plans, other divorce issues, child development, bipolar disorder in children/adults
  • Psychotherapist Standard of Practice, Ethics, training, and other malpractice (civil, criminal, family law)
  • 730/3111 Child custody Evaluations
  • Focused (one question) custody evaluations (completed in 4 weeks or less)
  • Personal Injury/IME evaluations (both plaintiff and defense)
  • Including sexual harassment, human rights, psychological malpractice, vehicle accidents, defamation, discrimination
  • Competency: criminal, civil, fitness for duty
  • Immigration evaluations and testimony
  • Mental Health/Psychological Evaluations (IME)
  • Violence risk assessment/Evaluation (including risk of domestic violence, child abuse, PC 288 evaluations, risk of harm to self or others, etc.
  • Drug/Alcohol evaluations
  • Guardianship and Bonding evaluations
  • Review evaluations (733, expert reports, expert testimony)
  • Consultation with attorneys
  • Preparation for evaluations and/or testimony

I am also licensed as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) in the Worker's Compensation system in California.