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Kristina Tyler, PhD, QME - Clinical and Forensic Psychology

CA #21771   TX #38684                


Psychotherapy refers to the "counseling" aspect, and my clinical work involves working with difficult populations such as children and adolescents with bipolar disorder, reunification therapy of parents and children (especially high-conflict families), and children with behavior disorders. I also provide family and couples psychotherapy and conduct various medical and educational evaluations and psychological testing.

Clinical Services:

  • Individual, couples, family therapy
  • Specializing in diagnosis and treatment of childhood/adolescent/adult bipolar disorder
  • Behavior disordered children
  • Reunification therapy
  • Co-parenting therapy
  • High-conflict families
  • Educational evaluations
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Presurgical evaluations

*ONLINE REVIEW SITES POLICY: Please note that psychotherapists are legally and ethically prohibited from responding to online ratings regarding their services, whether positive or negative, due to patient/client confidentiality. Individuals who search reviews online should consider whether or not a review relates to or applies to the specific service they are seeking. They should also keep in mind that most individuals who are happy with services prefer not to jeopardize their privacy by posting online, but provide positive feedback in other ways that are not so public, such as referring others. Should you find my practice listed on any ratings sites, please be aware that these are not my listings, and they are not a solicitation for a review, either positive or negative. Lastly, child custody evaluators, specifically, work in a legal setting where they must make difficult recommendations in high conflict situations regarding the welfare of children. Due to this, it is quite common that one or both parents are unhappy with the outcome of a case. These situations may or may not reflect on the actual quality of services provided, especially when comparing forensic services to clinical (or therapy) services. If you find comments online that concern you, please feel free to discuss these concerns with Dr. Roberts directly.