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Kristina Tyler, PhD, QME - Clinical and Forensic Psychology

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Video Therapy

Video therapy is quickly becoming a popular and convenient way to access therapy services. Video therapy refers to providing psychotherapy services remotely using video conferencing. Video therapy may also referred to as telepsychology, teletherapy, or telemedicine. Research has consistently shown that video therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy. Please see below for tips for an effective video therapy appointment.

Benefits of video therapy include:

  • client does not have to be in the same physical location or area as the therapist
  • more convenience for many people's schedules and life situations including:
  • people who travel, have non-traditional schedules, are housebound, live in rural areas or high-traffic areas, care for others, have specific privacy needs, or who otherwise cannot or prefer not to come to a therapist's office.
  • speak to a skilled therapist around your schedule
  • access from anywhere that has internet and allows a private conversation

For my practice, I use a convenient, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant video conference platform for video therapy appointments to protect your privacy. Ease-of-use includes:

  • For your session, simply click the link provided
  • Use a computer, notebook, or phone
  • No need to download software to your computer (you will need to download a free app for phone or tablet)
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Easy online payment options
  • Access to your records
  • Free 15-minute consultation to see if video therapy is right for you
  • Some after-hours or weekend appointments are available
  • Rates are the same as in-person sessions

Some insurances and Medicare may pay for video psychology services under certain situations. Some may require that you go to a nearby medical office for your session. Some (such as Medicare) only cover services in rural areas*. In most cases, the client is responsible for the full feel for video psychology sessions.

(*Medicare considers the following counties to be "rural" areas and may cover teletherapy services in these areas, but you must go to an approved healthcare location for your appointments: Inyo, Mono, Alpine, Mariposa, Amador, Calaveras, Trinity, Calousa, Glenn, Plumas, Sierra)


1. Be sure you have a quiet, private location for your session

2. Place your device on a table, desk, or other steady surface to reduce movement

3. Many people prefer a larger screen for therapy appointments, but use what you are comfortable with

4. Ensure adequate lighting - in front of you (not behind you)

5. Be sure that your internet service or wifi has adequate and stable coverage for your location

6. Complete the intake paperwork well before the appointment

7. Complete the safety plan document (this is required by law for remote therapy services)

6. Relax: no fighting traffic to get to the office; no hurrying to get back to work or home. Enjoy your session!

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